Regular Whole Milk Powder


It is the product obtained by the dehydration of milk standardized in fat and suitable for human food through appropriate technological processes.


Uniform powder without lumps, yellowish white color, characteristic odor and taste, not rancid and similar to fluid milk, free of foreign substances.


Standardized pasteurized fluid milk, without inhibitors or neutralizing substances.


Store in original container, cool (<25 ° C), dry (<70% RH) and dark.

Useful life

Big Bag: 6 months. Bags x 25 kg without modified atmosphere: 12 months. Bags x 25 kg with modified atmosphere, O2 residual maximum 2%: 24 months.

Our products comply with the international quality parameters of the American Diary Product Industry (ADPI) for extra-grade milk, as well as the physical, microbiological and nutritional requirements of C.A.A. (Argentine Food Code) and annex MERCOSUR.